I want to continue to give on-going garden updates to encourage others than anyone can try new and creative ways of growing a variety of food.

Garden Update

The Tilapia fish in the tank in our little greenhouse are growing nicely (even though we have lost a few) and our first try with Hydroponics is still moving forward.  We and our neighbors have harvested lettuce and kale for several salads.  Our neighbors have even taken the lettuce stems and planted them outside.  It is incredible to watch them continue to regrow.  We plan to plant basil and mint to replace the lettuce and kale in the hydroponic garden as the temperatures begin to rise.

Hydroponics 2tilapia 5

I have to share with you a cute story of a couple of precious little girls who are bringing us very large earthworms that we are keeping in a tub in the greenhouse to feed to the fish as they get bigger.  These two little ones are raising money to send to Africa to help other children.  They each bring their own container with the worms they have hunted for.  I love to watch them count out each worm when they get here so they can get paid separately.  They enjoy the fish and are curious about composting as well. It is such a joy to watch and it warms my heart.
cabbage 1 potatoes 1 lettuce 1

Cabbage, beets, kale, lettuce, herbs, potatoes and tomatoes are all doing well is a variety of containers.  I know some of them are a little crowded right now, but there are still plans to build a larger U-shaped bed as the weather warms up.  We can then transplant to give them more room.  I just wanted to show you how well things can grow in containers.  You don’t need a lot of land or space in order to grow your own veggies.  beets 1


May Family Fun Day


We are planning a Fun Family Event here on May 21st from 9:00 – 12:00.  We will have learning stations involving helpful garden friends, including a ladybug release, a butterfly release and observing honeybees.  We will be sending out more information each week.  The cost will be $20 per family.  Families are welcome to bring a picnic lunch and stay to play in the afternoon. Mark your calendars and join us in the fun!

Encouragement For Challenged Health

I need to ask the question, “Why do we grow our own food in gardens?”  Each one of you may give a variety of answers, but the overall goal of WellStone Gardens is vibrant health.  Nutrition matters whether you grow your own or not.  Food is medicine.  I want to share with you this incredible true story of how food and exercise helped turn a life around.  tricia

If you met this beautiful young mother of two today, you would never suspect that she had ever been anything but the picture of ideal beauty and health.   What strikes me about her story is that she started her life as so many of our babies do… colic, ear infections, etc. which indicate the modern problem of poor gut bacteria… however, rather than accept the standard medical protocol, she sought and achieved optimal health through nutrition and lifestyle.   There is so much more to her story, she is in her early thirties and on her second career- a nutritional coach and pilates instructor.   She enters triathlons, half marathons, is raising and nurturing two beautiful children along with her most adventurous husband, Jeremy Collins.  Below is a link to her story which I hope will inspire you to move out of your comfort zone and go for the best you can be.    Tricia’s Story