About Us

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Founder / Health Educator and Advocate

Having a Masters in Education, I spent a decade in the urban core, teaching inner-city high school students in Healthy Lifestyle Choices and Art classes. I’ve also spent over a decade homeschooling four of my five children and started a homeschool co-op directing seven other families and their children. I’m employed as the Parent Liaison at Basehor-Linwood High School, where I advise and come along side dozens of parents throughout the school year.


I’m Passionate About What I Do

As a mother and grandmother, the health and well-being of my family is important. My personal research has developed into a passion for sharing my knowledge with others. My desire is to provide information, resources, networking, inspiration, motivation, and encouragement that can be applied to Healthy Lifestyle Choices.

I’ve worked with multiple cities to organize events and community experiences to create safe, fun, and informative environments to inspire people of all ages in a variety of venues. “Local and organic” includes building up and networking with a local community.


An Experienced Hostess

Hospitality is a joy and a privilege. Our farm has been host to a variety of groups including a homeschool co-op, summer parties, Christian retreats, junior high, senior high and college students, or just having friends over to share a meal and have a great time. Health and Hospitality Workshops are offered here on the farm.

A Kinesthetic Approach

Health Education is a lifestyle that is at its best when it can be experienced. The more instruction can involve all the senses (seeing, hearing, smelling, touching and tasting), the greater the long-term impact and application. I offer cooking workshops that allow participants to actually taste sample recipes before going to the time and expense of trial and error at home.

Food by the Foot Gardening

The desire to grow some of my own food in an easier and user-friendly way birthed our “Food by the Foot” campaign. Based on the square foot gardening approach we have developed a variety of artistic and versatile raised bed options to share with you.


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Founder / Engineer ~Small Business Owner

I’ve operated 30 years as an antique dealer, working in designing and manufacturing, antique reproduction furniture and architectural elements as well as hand forged iron products.

Relentless Pursuit of Excellence

I’m passionate about the beauty of that singular moment when we accomplish the task at hand to the very best of our ability and why we should strive to achieve it.


The older I’ve grown, the more keenly I’m aware of the importance of recognizing our giftedness. Absolutely without exception, each one of us is uniquely gifted. One great clue in discovering our giftedness is the answer to the question: “What do I feel strong doing?” I feel strong when I teach and encourage others.

Behind the Scenes

On our 45 acre “farm” I have spent countless hours working to build walking and running trails, rope swings into the pond, archery and shooting ranges, obstacle courses and more. All that work is made worthwhile by the deep joy I experience watching our kids and all their friends play and their crazy antics as they compete. It’s heart-warming to watch their relationships deepen over these years. A great side benefit is that joining in with them has kept me younger than my years.


Who We Are

A family and business dedicated to empowering those around us to live healthy, active lives. We’re committed to helping people achieve their goals, whether big or small, to build character and change lives.

What We Do

Wellstone Gardens offers inspiration and healthy lifestyle education to everyone everywhere. We are a network with the resources you need to succeed, including classes, gardening tips, recipes, and more.

What We Think

Everyone can improve their health and lifestyle. We believe in leading by example and practicing what we preach to help better our own lives and inspire those around us.

Leading by Example ~ We Don’t Just Talk the Talk

Who wants to be a part of something that’s all talk and no game? We at Wellstone Gardens passionately believe in leading by example. When we paint a picture of a healthy life, we’re speaking from experience.

We test out our own recipes (yikes), heed our own advice, try that crazy new workout routine, or build our own obstacle courses in the backyard. WellStone Gardens isn’t just about the talk. Let us show you how we walk.

Interactive Education ~ Feel it, Taste it, Touch it, See it

Wellstone Gardens has adopted the kinesthetic model of teaching, and that means that we educate with a “feel it, taste it, touch it, see it” approach. Why read about something in a book or on the internet when you can actually apply it? We encourage experimentation, testing the waters, and trying new things that stretch you out of your comfort zone.

Versatility ~ No One Likes to Ride Still Waters

We’re never standing still. Not as a family, and definitely not as a business. Wellstone Gardens is built by people who are constantly researching and trying out new things in many different branches.

Whether it’s looking up new recipes, adding more activities for the farm, learning how to build websites, testing out the latest workout routine trends, or making videos of how to make your favorite coffee healthier and cheaper, Wellstone Gardens is constantly on the move. We’re here to learn, grow, stretch, reach, and strive toward improvement. Move with us.

We Have the Passion

Every member of my family and the staff here at Wellstone Gardens believes in what it is we’re doing. We believe in the investment of people and will strive to come alongside you to help people achieve their highest potential.

We Have the Skills

Everybody has extraordinary gifts and skill sets. We’re equipped with the skills and gifts necessary to carry out the goals and passions that make up Wellstone Gardens.

We Have the Resources

Steve and Melanie Dearing have been stockpiling the tools, skills, and friends needed to support the business of helping others for years. Now it’s time to share those resources with the world.

We Have the Support

Wellstone Gardens wouldn’t be a reality without the amazing family and friends it took to build it. There are loving and gifted hands at work to make all of this possible, and we have the support system needed to make this flourish for everyone involved.

We Have the Experience

Steve and Melanie Dearing have extensive backgrounds in education, especially with young adults. They’ve also transformed a simple farm into a home away from home for many individuals and families.

We Have the Vision

It takes vision to dream and inspire, and hard to make it happen. We believe in cultivating passions and imagination to feed our dreams and the aspirations of our clients and customers. This stretches far beyond building a business, however, and into our passion and commitment to building better lives of everyone we come in contact with. It takes vision to make all of this possible. Be a part of it with us.


We as human beings feel a responsibility to you, and ourselves, to make this world a better one. We feel obligated to get fitter, healthier, and happier.


One of our top priorities is to inspire people to get healthy. We want to motivate you to achieve your top potential, and we’re here to help you get there.

Building Community

Making the commitment to lead a healthy life is hard. Accountability can make this journey an easier one. Relationships will make it more fruitful.