Nutrition Books

brain grain

 This book was life changing for me and has been part of the foundation in researching health curriculum from a variety of medical disciplines.  The basic premise, written from a neurologist, is that sugars or anything that converts to sugars, causes inflammation and inflammation causes disease. With the rise of Alzheimer’s Disease, ADHD. depression, diabetes and so many autoimmune issues this book was very informative and easy to understand.  This is a must read on my list.


This is a wonderful book written after “Grain Brain” that expands the notion of inflammation into the importance of our “gut biome” and the importance that plays in our health.  Due to family history and personal health concerns, this is a must read on my list.

primal blueprint

In my search for healthy recipe options, I began investigating a large variety of Paleo plans.  I do not believe in the Paleo premise, but I do believe in the Paleo principles.  I do believe our food production and processing has dramatically changed in the past 150 years.  This has led to many of the modern health issues associated with the Standard American Diet. Paleo recipes are extensive and are easy to implement.  This book gives an easy to follow overview and also encourages the importance of exercise as a holistic approach to health.

food and behavior

This is a partial review for this book written by Don Bennett:  Barbara Reed Stitt worked with the municipal court as a probation office in Ohio for 20 years – as Chief Probation Officer for 12 of these years.  The relationship of diet and behavior was carefully studied.  Over and over it became apparent that when the diet improved, attitude, personal appearance, and self-esteem improved.  Barbara’s years of experience with correcting behavior by correcting the diet led her to seek higher education in nutrition.  Her thesis on “The Biochemistry of Crime” and dissertation on “Healing the Delinquent Mind” helped earn her a  Ph.D in nutrition.

againsta all grain

This book was written by someone dealing specifically with autoimmune disease and explains how she began to restore her health through the medicine of food.

practical paleo

This book offers special notes about common food allergens including nightshades and FODMAPs.  Meal plans are included to support specific health issues.

starts with food

This book explain Whole30 and give a great 30-day nutritional reset.

fattening of america

This book, written by a health economist along with a business writer gives great information dealing specifically with the “how’s” and “why’s” of the declining health in America.

wheat Belly

This book was written by a cardiologist and in addition to Grain Brain, has been part of the foundation in researching health curriculum from a variety of medical disciplines.  I started to ask myself the question; “If wheat or other grains can adversely affect my brain, my cardiovascular system and my digestive tract what are my nutritional options?”  Dr. Davis also offers a Wheat Belly Cookbook. With a variety of health concerns in my extended family ranging from Crohn’s disease, Celiac, and other autoimmune issues, I began to investigate a large variety of recipe options.

paleo desserts

A yummy dessert book, but more advanced in ingredients and procedures.  This book uses Just Like Sugar which is a Chicory Root based 0 carb sweetener.

paleo approach

This book was written by a PhD and draws upon medical research and her own health battles with an autoimmune disorder to help with simple lifestyle changes and food plans to improve health.


All the recipes in this book are Whole30 approved and offers many AIP adaptions (Auto-Immune Approved – containing no nightshades, eggs, seeds or nuts) for people who need to take extra care.