I know this is going out on April Fool’s Day, but I don’t have any fun way to play a joke on you all, so you’ll have to be creative on your own. (One year my kid’s placed a small rubber band around the sprayer on the sink so that I got sprayed when I turned the water on.  It was very surprising!)

Garden Update

I love springtime, so through May I wanted to follow the same type of garden themes as last month with new information.  With this in mind, I wanted to give some update photos on our greenhouse plants/hydroponics and our little Tilapia.  All are growing nicely.

Hydroponics 2hydroponics fish 2

We have had such crazy weather (we had cold weather and a little snow on Easter), that I’m glad we had our plants inside the greenhouse.

greenhouse seed plants 1

greenhouse container gardening

In addition to our greenhouse growing, we are re-configuring our raised bed square foot gardens, so while we are waiting to re-construct, my neighbor brought me over some wonderful large containers that he had from minerals he gets for his cattle. (Bill and Tarey Shipley are the BEST neighbors ever!)  He drilled five holes in the bottom of each one and we placed a couple of inches of gravel in the bottom for drainage.  We filled them with dirt we have had in a pile composting.  They are wonderfully deep and they are planted so far with asparagus(green and purple), garlic and purple potatoes.  These are all first time attempts, so we’ll see what happens.

perspiration garden can 2



Local and Organic

Gardening is fun, but it is also a lot of work.  We are all about encouraging and inspiring people to grow your own, but we also understand there are many who want the healthy produce (and meats) without all the work.  For those who are in this category (and who are local), I have an invitation for you.  Tomorrow (April 2) there is an Eat Local and Organic Expo Eat local and organicsponsored by the Kansas City Food Circle.  It will be at Johnson County Community College from 9-2.




I will be at the table with Casa Somerset.  I plan to have some fliers as well as a few organic herbs and some cute seed planting kits for kids.  I was there last year and all the vendors were wonderful.  This event is totally worth your time to come to.  Please stop by and talk, I would love to see you!  Be sure to get outside, breath deep and enjoy the beauty of Spring!

bluebirdslandingbluebird on finialbluebirds greenhousebluebirdonoblisque